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RICH Energy Trade packs provide a route for venues to get started on their RICH Energy journey without large initial stock outlay. Get yours ordered today and receive access to our RICH sales guide alongside your pack. 

Rich Energy is the premium energy drink developed as a high quality alternative to the market leaders and is produced to offer the utmost quality and flavour.  It is manufactured with pure spring mineral water and superior ingredients, with a clean crisp taste providing a superb performance as a stand alone energy drink and a mixer.  Formulated to provide the perfect energy boost at all times. 

You can buy Rich Energy from a rapidly increasing number of retailers and right here on our website, our trade packs provide the best way to get started with selling RICH Energy within your venue. Best served chilled

£125.04 for a trade pack | 144 Cans at 250ml per can | £0.86 per can

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